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Solar Energy Management LLC

  • Solar Energy Management LLC is Florida’s solar power leader. We cover all of Florida and the Carribbean.
  • Our background includes over 30 years in the construction technology industry.
  • Solar Energy Management LLC is committed to the Triple Bottom Line: People, Profit and Planet.
  • Solar Energy Management LLC is not a licensed EPC. All, contracts and installs will be provided by EPC.


Our Advantage

  • Over 30 years of construction and energy efficiency experience.
  • Zero energy experts for homes to large commercial buildings.
  • We help our clients lower their energy footprint.
  • 30% tax credit and commercial depreciation.


Solar Power – Florida Is Catching Up

  • Despite being known as the “Sunshine State,” Florida has long lagged behind other states in adopting solar power.
  • The state has historically taken less advantage of solar energy than cooler, cloudier states like New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. However, that’s now starting to change.
  • Solar for solar power, solar energy, energy efficiency and hot water for St Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa Florida / FL and all of Florida.


Florida Gets the Most Solar Radiant Energy – East of The Mississippi

  • Solar energy is a clean, inexpensive, renewable power source that is usable nearly everywhere in the world – any point where sunlight hits the surface of the earth is a potential location to generate solar power.
  • And since solar energy comes from the sun, it represents a limitless source of power.
  • Renewable energy technologies generate electricity from resources that are infinite. Compare, for instance, producing electricity with renewable resources to doing so with fossil fuels. It took hundreds of thousands of years for oil, gas and coal to form, so every time one of those resources are burned to create electricity, that finite resource is moved marginally closer to depletion.
  • Using a renewable resource – such as wind, solar and hydropower – to generate electricity, does not deplete that resource. There will always be consistent sunlight shining on Earth’s surface, and after turning sunlight into electricity, there is still an infinite amount of sunlight to turn into electricity in the future. That is what makes solar power, by nature, renewable energy.
  • Florida get the most solar radiant energy east of the Mississippi start using it today!


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