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Mission Statement

Solar Energy Management is committed to bringing affordable best in class solar power to all of Florida and the Caribbean backed by exceptional service and support. We are passionately dedicated to making it easy for our customers to benefit from God’s solar power. Our goal is to provide you with a solar power system design to establish your energy independence while simultaneously assisting all of us to do our part for a cleaner world and sustainable future.

Company Overview

Solar Energy Management is an employee owned and customer focused company. Our team has over 30 years of construction technology and energy efficiency knowledge. We specialize in researching and implementing the latest in solar power technology. The SEM Team of engineers developed the first integrated solar roof systems in Florida. We have designed zero energy homes from Habitat for Humanity to Marc Rutenberg Zero Energy Homes and have reduced numerous large commercial structures to zero energy. SEM has designed Florida’s largest roof top solar array at 1.5 Megawatts for Great Bay Distributors. The SEM team is committed supplying our customers with best in class solar power systems coupled with superior service and support at the most competitive price.

Meet the Solar Energy Management Senior Management Team / SEM Power EPC

  • Scott McIntyre

    CEO / President

    University of Florida Graduate

    30 years commercial construction experience President of Florida Alliance for Renewable Energy

  • Jody Eames

    Senior VP Business Development / Project Management Teams
    Over 10 years of PV design experience and over 1,000 installations

    Jody’s experience and PV design skills will help insure a state of the art system that exceeds your expectations

  • Frank Grezaffi

    VP PV Sales & Marketing

    Over 10 years of PV experience
    Manager of state wide sales teams
    USMC veteran
    Frank will insure your PV system design to installation process is done in a professional manner and on time

  • Maria Camacho

    Administrative Director Process administrator Customer relations. Hablo Espanol Maria will insure that your project is managed to your satisfaction.

SEM Power EPC Team Management

  • Brett Emes (B. Eng)

    President / Owner SEM Power LLC – EPC Provider

    Georgia Tech Graduate US Navy Nuclear Submarine service 20 Years of commercial construction experience Solar Contractor General Contractor Electrical Contractor

  • Chris Rollitt

    VP Sales

    Chris has over fifteen years of experience in sales and marketing. Chris has experience in both the US and Australian energy markets and brings this knowledge to every prospective customer.

In the News


Business Observer

Sun and Suds May 20, 2016 | JEAN GRUSS | EDITOR/LEE-COLLIER

To quench the thirst of a fast-growing population, beer distributor J.J. Taylor Cos. is building a warehouse and distribution facility that will be the size of three football fields.

But the building will be noteworthy for something other than the 7.5 million cases of beer J.J. Taylor will be distributing across South Florida from the new building in Fort Myers.

To chill all that beer, the company has contracted with Solar Energy Management of Tampa to build the largest solar rooftop array of its kind in Florida. “What Florida has is big roofs,” says Scott McIntyre, the CEO of Solar Energy Management who is working with Edwards Construction of Ocala to build the distribution center

Jose Rivera, the corporate vice president of administration for J.J. Taylor Cos. who crunched the numbers, says a number of factors convinced him this was a good investment. These include improvements in the reliability of the technology, a federal tax credit and the likelihood that electric rates will continue to rise.

Already, J.J. Taylor uses natural gas to fuel the company’s delivery trucks, a move that saved the company money when oil prices spiked. “We’ve been looking at natural gas and solar for a long, long time,” Rivera says. “A lot of things have changed.”

Rivera estimates the return on investment on the new building will be six-and-a-half years. Although he declines to cite the price tag for the solar roof on the $25 million expansion, he says the power bill would be $250,000 annually without solar, not counting utility rate increases later

Another plus is the 30% federal tax credit and accelerated depreciation that the company can claim. Without the credit, Rivera estimated it would have taken nine to 10 years to break even on the investment. “That tax credit is significant for us,” says Rivera. “We were right there on the fence.”

What’s more, the solar panels and the inverters that convert the energy into power have a 25-year warranty, reassuring Rivera that the expensive equipment won’t have to be replaced every few years. “This is going to be here for a while,” he smiles.

Obtaining bank financing for the construction of the building wasn’t more difficult with the solar roof than without it. Rivera says the beer distribution business is growing as people continue to move to Florida. “Banks love cash flow,” Rivera says, noting Northern Trust financed the expansion. “Our business is recession resistant.

While solar power will contribute 90% of the new building’s power, it will still be tied into the public utility grid. That’s because it can send excess power it generates during sunny days, earning a credit it can use during overcast days or at night. Plus, if the building needs outside power it can get it.

Battery technology promises future savings as the company could store excess power. “That’s a game changer,” Rivera says.

Rivera says there are less tangible benefits, too. The company earns goodwill from customers and employees for investing in renewable fuels. For example, the natural gas powered trucks are quieter, something both customers and employees appreciate.

Scott McIntyre, CEO of Solar Energy Management, left, and Jose Rivera, corporate vice president of administration with J.J. Taylor Cos., are overseeing the construction of the largest commercial rooftop solar array in Florida. Photo by Ed Clement

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Kevin Steve

Awesome great service, system and price!!! From the application to a running system in only a month. Flipped the switch on Monday and the new meter which started at 000018....

Anne Shields

Very happy with our system and the support we have gotten after the install. This is our 2nd month off TECO- $20 bill and that's it! Love it!

Gerald Hemness

Put in an 18 kWh array in August of 2013. The install was difficult due to a very rainy summer, but SEM went the extra mile to be sure we....

Paul Maass

Top quality equipment, knowledgeable and honest personnel.

Barb Daigle Page

We had a system upgrade done by SEM (additional 2.5KW of panels and a new 10KW inverter). We had a great experience from start to finish. From scheduling, to communications,....

Greg Findlen

Thanks guys, I didn't expect you to clean the old panels - you went above and beyond! PV system and hot water system are both working great.
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