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How Solar Power Works and Benefits You

  • Solar Panels made of photovoltaic (PV) Cells create DC power from the sun.
  • The Power travels to the inverter and converts to electrical current, or AC power.
  • AC Power travels to the Electrical Panel and may be used as standard electricity.
  • Electricity usage is measured by the Utility Meter, but when you produce more power than you use the utility company gives you credits towards your next bill!
  • Your building remains connected to a Utility Grid to supply more power when needed.


Lower, Levelize or eliminate your electric bill for 20 years:

Electric energy prices are rising 4% to 6% each year. Solar power avoids this increasing cost. For example:

  • Average monthly electricity bill is: $200.00
  • Over 12 months you spent: $2,400.00
  • The next 10 years you will spend: $33,159.48
  • The next 30 years electricity will cost you: $226,705.89

Increased Home Value:

  • A home with $0 electric bill — a powerful selling point
  • Property value will increase $20,000 for every $1,000 you save on electricity per year**
    • Your property value will increase: $36,962.40
    • It will not increase your property tax because solar is property tax exempt!
    • According to National Appraisal Institute

Safe Investment:

Has your retirement fund taken a hit lately? In addition to increased home value, Residential Solar can produce small, but certain long-term returns.

You can:

  • Pay $226,705.89 to your electric company over 30 years
  • See 0 return on your investment
  • Invest money into a Solar System
  • After you pay off your solar system, you have 30+ years of free electricity

This is a huge return on your investment considering that you will be saving at least 20 years of electricity, which would cost you around $98,389.18.

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