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SEM Microgrids Cost Effective To Lower Energy Cost and Improve Resiliency

SEM offers designs for Micro grids that include solar power, energy storage and gas power back up. These microgrids are stand alone electrical ecosystems. They can provide power back up or complete off grid power with the ability to produce, transmit and manage electricity within a campus.

The cost for power dips and or outages to American business each year exceeds $80,000,000. The average duration of a power outage for a commercial or industrial customer is 22 minutes. If you run a mission critical business or manufacture items that are wasted when power dips a Microgrid can pay for itself with a short return on investment.

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A Microgrid is comprised of four components typically

  • A distributed energy resource – such as solar power.
  • Power distribution automation system.
  • Battery energy storage – reduce demand charges.
  • Microgrid control systems.

Our partners in designing a Microgrid include S&C Electric and LG Chem.

The Microgrid is fully financed to allow for smooth integration into your operations./

Some industries and or companies where Microgrids have proven valuable include: hospitals, nursing homes an medical facilities, manufacturing, corporate headquarters where resiliency against power loss is critical. Business’s in hurricane zones.


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Benefits of a Commercial Hybrid Microgrid

What is new is an increase in hybrid microgrid systems that include renewable energy sources such as solar power. Improvements in the costs and capabilities of solar power systems, energy storage and telematics, along with advances in technology and communications, now economically justify hybrid applications that previously would have required special support or incentives. The integration of renewable technologies reduces operating expenses when compared to purely conventional generation, while also optimizing system reliability, efficiency and flexibility. Further Microgrids can be used to lower demand charges.

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